Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Insurance

Welcome to RBI, where planning meets compassion, especially when it comes to anticipating the inevitable costs of final expenses.

Our final expense life insurance products stand as a testament to our commitment, offering a diverse range of solutions for our clients. A great addition to a medicare supplement or Advantage plan.

In the realm of final expense policies, RBI provides three distinct options, ensuring a nuanced and personalized approach for every individual:

  1. Level Benefit: Seamlessly transition into immediate reassurance with a fixed death benefit. A point often overlooked with level benefit is eliminating waiting periods and providing comprehensive coverage. This option offers stability and immediate security. Final expense insurance offering level benefits is for the healthiest of clients. However, we can find a product for every client in need.
  2. Graded Benefits: Final expense insurance specifically designed for individuals with pre-existing health conditions, this option takes a phased approach to coverage, gradually increasing over time. It adapts to life’s evolving circumstances with a progression that mirrors the intricacies of life. Graded benefits can have a waiting period so be sure to ask us what this means to you.
  3. Guaranteed Issue: Final expense insurance tailored for those facing challenges in obtaining traditional coverage due to health concerns, this option guarantees acceptance without the hassles of medical underwriting. It serves as a bridge, ensuring coverage is accessible even in the face of health-related obstacles. Guarantee issue benefits can have a waiting period so be sure to ask us what this means to you.

Navigating all of these choices can be a pain, but at RBI, we are more than insurance providers.

As dedicated guides, we are committed to walking you through every step of this journey. Our team at RBI specializes in final expense life insurance, possessing an unparalleled understanding of your unique needs. We ensure you find the right solution to protect your loved ones.

Following a consultation, we will guide you through a comprehensive exploration of diverse options with confidence. Ensure a tailored Final Expense plan, filling your future with comfort. Acknowledge RBI’s commitment to your financial well-being and discover peace of mind through their comprehensive Final Expense Insurance solutions.

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